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Brilliant service by the way now I will definitely keep on recommending Kewl Thang sheets to all my other CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) girlfriends!! (I had already been telling them all about what a wonderful invention it was before I'd even tried it so congrats on creating such a wonderful product for those of us with dysfunctional thermostats!) Now all I need to do is save up for the full sheet and pillow case!!

Best regards,

To Kewl Thang,

Thank you for the fast and efficient delivery of the half sheets I ordered, they work wonderfully. I'd also like to say thanks for the 'freezing block', it was a pleasant surprise and appreciated.

Best Regards, Zane

Thanks for your email. I am more than happy to respond.
I read about your product in the camping magazine On the Road. I was interested in getting one of the blankets to try it as I hate being hot in bed when my husband and I go camping in a hot climate. We do a lot of camping and I have trouble sleeping in the camper trailer. (not any more) I was impressed about how the blanket could provide comfort when used of a night. I slept very well. The service from your company was fantastic. No worries, once the order was sent the blanket arrived at home in no time.
I wish you well with your product.

Kind regards
Maxine - NSW, Australia